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General Services

Foot Reflexology Session 

For every session, you will receive a centered and nurturing experience in which your body is gently encouraged to find balance in order to promote wellness.  Within your hour session, I will thoroughly work on your feet using the techniques I have learned through my certification at the International Institute of Reflexology.   Depending on the severity of health concerns and the size of each individual's feet, the time required for a full treatment of your feet will vary.  It generally ranges from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.  Each session is an hour long to provide time for a consultation at the beginning, along with continued relaxation and a slow re-immersion into the rest of your day after the treatment is over.  While this isn't required, it is encouraged.  It is important to be aware of and attend to one's body even after the treatment has ended and this includes taking time just for you.  You are welcome to continue sleeping if you doze off during the session, read, stretch, meditate or talk to me about any questions or concerns you have about the process.   While you are utilizing the additional relaxation time,  I have a variety of teas or water for you to enjoy in order to encourage you to drink right away.  This will help flush any toxins that may need to be expelled.  

Hand Reflexology Session

I offer hand reflexology as an add-on service.  This will add an additional 15 minutes to your hour session and will still include time for post-treatment relaxation.  The hands are a wonderful addition to an already relaxing and stress reducing experience.  They work all of the same reflexes as the feet so your entire body will receive an additional dose of support.    

Foot Soak 

I offer the option to add a foot soak to the beginning of any reflexology treatment.  You will rest your feet in warm water that contains calming bath salts.  After your feet have had time to soak, I massage a moisturizing foot scrub over your feet and lower calves.  This makes your feet extremely soft and feels amazing.  All the products I use are vegan certified, pH balanced and botanically based.  This option adds a whole new level of pampering to your treatment.  

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, you can call me at 262-271-8423 or you can schedule a time through the contact page.  If you need information about pricing you can click here.